Why is Wheel Alignment Important?

Have you ever felt your car pulling you to the left or right as you are driving on the highway? Or perhaps you noticed that your tyres are rapidly and unevenly wearing down. If this occurs for you, if your steering wheel appears crooked on a straight road, or if your wheels squeal upon beginning to move forward, your wheels might be unaligned!

Aligning your tyres means aligning the wheels of your car with the road and the other three wheels. The suspension is configured accordingly, as are some other crucial components of the wheel. Getting your wheels aligned will square everything under your car up, so your steering is centered to perfection!

Having your wheels in perfect alignment is extremely crucial for the longevity of your tyres and your car’s efficiency on the road.

In this article, we discuss why wheel alignment important, what causes misaligned wheels, detailed symptoms of misaligned wheels, and how often you should get your tyres checked.

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Why Should You Ensure Your Wheels are Aligned

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All car owners want the same thing: a reliable car that drives optimally for as long as possible. The hassle of buying and selling a car is one experience that will allow you to see the importance of having a car with efficiency from the start and longevity. Each manufacturer aligns their cars differently, so it’s important to get an expert to work on your wheel alignment, rather than taking on this chore by yourself without experience.

Like a human without legs or mobile support, a car cannot go anywhere without tyres! This is the simplest and most obvious reason for getting your car’s tyres serviced regularly. With well-maintained tyres, your car will run smoothly, last longer, and use less gas or electric energy.

When you get your tyres aligned with us , we will also rotate your tyres. This will result in even wear and tear on your tyres, rather than having the wear focused in one spot. For your car, this means security. For the driver, it means a more comfortable and smooth ride.

Some of the symptoms listed below, like vibrating steering wheels, can actually be a safety risk, as your car will need extra care and attention for a stronger grip and straight driving. Any slip of the wheel and the vibration can throw your car out of its lane and, potentially, off the road.

Vibration can also mess with the suspension of your car. Keeping this under check will prolong the life of your car and tyres.

How Often Should You Get Your Wheels Aligned?

To be safe, despite driving conditions, you should get your tyres aligned every 10,000 km according to some tyre services.

You might be wondering why it’s so important to get your tyres aligned properly every 10,000km if you have to get new tyres frequently anyway, and the simple answer is that having wheel alignment is much cheaper than buying new tyres and having them installed at a tyre servicing company. Getting your tyres aligned more frequently will also prolong the life of your tyres, saving you from more frequent new tyre expenses.

If you are planning a road trip or moving across the country, it’s going to reduce stress and worry if you get your car aligned prior to the trip. The process is no longer than an oil change, so if you have time to do both, it’s highly recommended before heading off on your journey!

What Causes Tyres to Become Misaligned?

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There are many things that can manipulate your wheels’ axles. “Bad road conditions” is just an umbrella term for all the things you might experience that is, unannounced to you, affecting your car’s wheels.

Roads that aren’t maintained properly, roads that have a lot of potholes and bumps, city curbs, off-roading, and other bad road conditions are some things to consider. If you live on a poor road or drive on them frequently, it’s important to pay close attention to your tyres’ wear and tear more often than those who are most often on smooth, well-kept roads.

Aside from the road conditions, you might also tend to carry a lot of weight in the back or front of your car, causing your wheels to skid more than roll. When your vehicle height is stunted due to heavy weight, your car’s alignment can experience shifts. If you can’t remove those things, make sure to have your car’s alignment checked more frequently.

Whether it’s related to heavy weight or not, too low or too high of air pressure in each tyre can also result in misalignment. Checking your car’s tyre pressure gauge for correctness when filling up your tyres, and making sure they are all relatively the same, will decrease the likelihood of damage to your wheels’ axles.

Be cautious if you are a more “wild” driver, speeding in and around other cars in and out of the city! This style of driving leads to quicker wear on tyres, steering, and suspension.

Signs Your Car is Overdue for an Alignment

Sometimes signs of wear and tear aren’t obvious, even though your car is well underway to serious damage resulting from wheel misalignment. That’s why it’s recommended to have regular check-ups for your car, from oil and engine to tyres and brakes.

If any of the signs mentioned here are occurring in your car, take it in immediately to have an expert look at it. Otherwise, follow the precaution recommendations and have it serviced every 10,000km or so.

As you can see, wheel alignment is not to be overlooked. This type of service can literally make or break your car, all dependent on how often you get it done and where. Without proper alignment, you can expect your car to reduce in efficacy, and therefore its value. Your car costs can increase with damage due to neglecting. It will also be irritating, and potentially dangerous if the steering becomes too far off-center.

Get your car aligned today to ensure longevity and efficacy, and that your car is precise and safe.

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