Top 10 Most Purchased Cars In 2020

2020 was an unprecedented year for everyone, not just the automotive industry. Due to local and national lockdowns, production shutdowns and other COVID-19 related factors the automotive industry recorded a drop in sales in 2020. However after the ease of lockdown restrictions the industry recorded growth. Despite the pandemic, auto manufacturers like Toyota were the least affected as they recorded a 10.1% market share.

In this blog we share the top ten best-selling cars, SUVs and trucks from 2020:

1. Ford F-Series

ford f series

The Ford F-series has been the smash hit vehicle in the US for close to four decades. The main model is the F-150, but there are larger versions, for example, F-250 and F-350. The 14th generation showcases a considerable number of enhancements, including a 7-kilowatt generator option, sufficient to power almost every household appliance or construction team in the event of a power failure.

Despite recording a 12% sales decrease compared to the same period last year, Ford's best-selling pickups managed to cling to the top spot despite the lack of sales in the earlier part of the year.

2. Chevrolet Silverado

chevrolet silverado

In one way or another, Chevy figured out how to move more Silverado in 2020 compared to 2019. Before the year ended, its heavy-duty truck increased in sales by 14%, while the lighter model was down by 0.5%.

In 2020 when 17 of the 20 top-selling cars suffered a sales loss, the Chevrolet Silverado managed to seal a 3% increase, enough to take the second spot from the Ram pickup. 586,675 units were successfully sold to buck the trend and take second place in the bestseller list.

3. Ram Pickup

ram pickup

According to several car commentators and even the unbiased pickup fan, the Ram pickup remains the best-riding truck. The Ram 1500 TRX rough terrain truck needed more time and numbers to clutch second place, where it was overtaken by the Chevrolet Silverado.

Pickup trucks were part of models to have seen appreciation in the first quarter's sales, yet subsequent quarters were not as stable for Ram's full-size models with an 11% decrease compared to 2019 figures. The Ram returned to its usual third spot after knocking the Chevy Silverado from the second spot in 2019 with 563,676 unit sales.

4. Toyota RAV4

toyota rav4

Among the best-selling cars, the Toyota Rav4 is the only vehicle type that isn't a pickup. A total of 430,387 unit sales meant that it closed the year with a 4% decrease despite making an increase in the initial three months of 2020.

The Compact SUV is Toyota's crossover SUV - features include: leather seats and other luxury enhancements, 4x4 and TRD models for rough terrains, and a hybrid engine running 42 miles on battery power before switching to the gas engine. No wonder the Rav4 is a top-selling non-pickup in 2020!

5. Honda CR-V

honda cr v

With just 333,502 unit sales, the freshly redesigned CR-V hybrid model was available on the market in March 2020.

Honda's compact hybrid and Toyota's Rav4 have been in close competition for an extended period.

The new Honda CR-V comes with the standard all-wheel-drive, is spacious and has an accessible hybrid engine.

6. Toyota Camry

toyota camry

A 13% drop in 2020 meant Toyota Camry recorded a slight decline compared to its rival Honda Accord. The vehicle sold 294,348 units to maintain its title as the top-selling passenger vehicle in 2020. The medium size, almost full-size 2021 Toyota Camry is already looking to be the top-rated car for 2021.

It has had several overhauls compared to the 2018 model, including better safety assists for drivers and an accessible 9-inch ‘infotainment’ system. The four-chamber motor gets great mileage but has been reported to be noisy.

7. Chevrolet Equinox

chevrolet equinox

After recording a 22% drop in 2020, General Motors has confirmed it will postpone the 2021 upgrade until 2022.

The Chevrolet Equinox is the largest selling SUV from US car manufacturers.

Although its inside trim and switches aren't a good comparison against Honda or Toyota, its entry trim levels are priced attractively.

However, it recorded the steepest decline among the top 109 cars, with a 22% decline having sold just 346,000 in 2019.

8. Honda Civic

honda civic

As the only sedan among the top 10, the Honda Civic 2021 edition is the last year for the Civic's tenth generation models.

It remains a shiny little vehicle with excellent execution from a sporty, turbocharged yet refined car.

The 2020 edition saw a 20% sales drop with 261,225 units sold. The fresh 2022 eleventh generation Civic’s imminent arrival means they could be good deals mid-year for the 2020 edition.

9. GMC Sierra

gmc sierra

The upscale version to the Chevrolet Suburban was the single best seller in the top ten, to record sales growth in 2020. The Sierra has the equivalent turbocharged four-chamber, V6, V8, and another Duramax six-chamber diesel, incredible for towing or lengthy drives with fewer fill-ups.

It has a more aesthetic interior trim, an accessible carbon fiber load bed, a discretionary MultiPro back rear end work surface, back end expansion, or stacking step. For 2021, Chevy gets its rendition called the Multi-Flex tailgate.

10. Toyota Tacoma

toyota tacoma

The Toyota Tacoma is the smallest yet, more popular of the two Toyota pickups. With 238,806 unit sales in 2020, the Toyota Tacoma is also a U.S. best-selling medium-sized pickup, although the present model dates back to 2016.

However, Toyota has offered two new editions, Nightshade Special Edition and Rail Special Edition. Several buyers suppose it's a decent midpoint between the sober rough terrain rides and the Honda Ridgeline.

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