The moment of absolute panic is the check engine or malfunction indicator light (MIL) turning on. Various drivers are at a loss of why it happens and how it works. This brings fear and a feeling vulnerability. The worrisome bit is that it may lead these drivers to make uneducated decisions about their car repairs.

Various organizations have created products to help decipher this deadly code. These decoding devices can be bought online. They can be plugged into the car and read the check engine light data on the computer or PCM stores.

Unfortunately, what most drivers don’t know is that these devices give very limited information. It is quite rare that a computer code gives a direct diagnosis of the problem with the car. It is a necessity to get a trained technician to take the code, analyze it and test the car parts and system associated with the code, which will lead to the production of a root cause. This will give a reason for why the engine light came on. It is the first step to fixing the problem.

This problem is so complex that at times there is more than one problem or part that needs to be repaired. When such a problem is brought to our service center the first thing our technician does is use our own device to check your car and read the code ourselves. Some times products are faulty and we can’t rely on data from other machines.

So, don’t panic any time you see this light turn on. Call us and we’ll send our technicians wherever you are and bring your vehicle to our service center for repair. We pick, we fix and we deliver!

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