Automobile Features That can Save Fuel

Drivers seem to let out a collective groan whenever they realize that it is time to stop to fuel up their automobiles, thanks to the sky-high gas prices these days.  You would be hard-pressed to find a driver that would not like to save a bit of money at the petrol pump, but many people simply do not know how to achieve this.  Many consumers turn to products that promise better mileage, only to be disappointed.  Others believe that they must buy a smaller vehicle or sell their current one, due to the expensive fuel problem.

What many drivers do not know is that there are many ways to use less fuel, some of which are so laughably easy that you will be stunned that you had never thought of them before.  You do not have to buy expensive products, as most of the best ways to conserve fuel have no cost, or at least a very small cost.  Indeed, some of the easiest ways to increase your mileage are right under your nose when you drive- literally!  Read on to find out how some of the features in your car can help you save fuel! 

One of the favorite features a car can have for many drivers is cruise control.  Long beloved by drivers who must endure long trips, cruise control has a number of different benefits, although it is a very simple feature.  For instance, many people have earned themselves speeding tickets by having a heavy foot that got out of control, but with the cruise control set, you can drive at a consistent speed without glancing at the gauge every three seconds!

Did you know, though, that setting the cruise control can help you to save gas?  That’s right, since your car will be driving along at a consistent speed, there won’t be the little accelerations here and there that the inexact science of using a foot pedal can result in.  These slight accelerations cause the car to work a bit more every now and then, which obviously results in increased gasoline use.  Imagine- a convenient way to drive that offers greater fuel efficiency as well!

A somewhat less used feature for most drivers is the “overdrive” feature.  Many people do not even know that their car has overdrive, or what it can do.  Basically, overdrive allows your car’s engine to work less hard at higher speeds. Again, as we mentioned earlier, when your engine works less, you use less gas, so setting the overdrive on can help you to easily save a little gas!

You probably look at your MPH (miles per hour) gauge quite often, if you are like most drivers.  However, how often do you look at the RPM gauge?  Probably not nearly as much!  If you drive a manual transmission especially, keep an eye on your car’s RPMs.  After all, the higher your car is running in the RPM range, the harder your engine is working.  If you do drive a stick, make sure that you are changing gears before you get too high in the RPM range, and use your higher gears at a consistent speed whenever possible!

Not all features are beneficial for gas usage, however.  If you are a big fan of using your car’s air conditioning, you are costing yourself in fuel efficiency!  Having the air conditioning on makes your car work much harder, as you can tell because of the lessened power and responsiveness when you accelerate.  Whenever you can, try to drive with the air conditioning off! 

As you can see, these are some fairly simple ways to take a little of the pain of filling up your car’s gas tank away.  Remember that if you can try to control your fuel usage, you can lessen your gas expenses without having the ability to change the price of gas itself!


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