800CarGuru’s 4 Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Repair

Keep your eyes open for these signs, if you believe your car is displaying these signs bring it over to 800CarGuru and we’ll have it fixed for you before you know it!

  1. The Car Squeaks on Bumps

If your car makes squeaky noises going over speed-breakers or bumps, then the shock absorber is wearing down. In this case you will observe that keeping your car under control is more difficult as its performance diminishes slowly. Your car will make screeching sounds on every bump! Avoid the trouble and contact 800CarGuru immediately to replace your shock absorbers.


  1. A Bumpy Ride

One of the common symptoms of a worn-out suspension system is a bumpy ride. Potholes or other wear and tear on roads make driving a nightmare because of the sound your car makes as well as the difficulty you face while driving. Commonly the problem is with the piston-cylinder assembly, which requires urgent repair to have your car back to normal again.


  1. One Side is Lower Than the Other

There are some cases where your car doesn’t make any noise at all. However it becomes evident that one side of the car is lower than the other when you park. This is a sign of broken springs on one side. This means your car’s suspension spring is truly worn out and needs instant replacement because it can’t support the car’s weight anymore.


  1. Difficulty Steering

Another sign that your car needs suspension repair is when you face problems steering the car even at low speeds. It shows that the suspension is lagging and either needs oiling, or certain parts of the suspension system need replacement.


If you notice any of the signs above, call 800CarGuru Now!

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