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One of the biggest responsibilities of being a car owner is to make sure that you maintain your car, especially when it comes to having your car’s Nissan Major Service done on time and according to your car manufacturer’s recommended schedule for checking essential parts of your car.  A Nissan Major Service will not only ensure the smooth running of your car, but will also help to keep you safe too, as any parts due for replacement are done on time, by qualified technicians.

A Nissan Major Service includes a comprehensive ‘health check’ of your car using the latest advanced diagnostics.

A Nissan Major Service includes the following:

  • 360 degree car inspection

  • Replace drive belt

  • Replace all filters, including engine air filter, A/C filter, oil filter

  • A/C gas check & refill (if necessary)

  • Coolant level check & top up

  • Oil check & top up

  • Transmission & brake fluid check & top up

  • Power steering fluid check & top up


  • Battery check

  • Replace spark plugs

  • Rotate tyres (if necessary)

  • Tyre & tyre pressure check

  • Wheel alignment check

  • Brakes inspection & replacement (if necessary)

  • Wiper blades check/ replace

  • Complimentary car wash & vacuum

Please note: engine oil and all filters are included; all other parts are chargeable.

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It can be tempting to delay your car’s Nissan Major Service, but here are just some of the reasons why you should make sure your car is regularly serviced:

  • Safety. One of the biggest reasons why it’s so important to have your car’s Nissan Major Service carried out is to keep you and anyone else who uses the car, either as a driver or as a passenger, safe. Although there are many reasons why car accidents happen, sometimes the cause is poor maintenance, resulting in brake failure, loss of power steering, engine problems and even damaged windshield wipers, that could impair your visibility in bad weather, resulting in an accident.

  • Preventing avoidable breakdowns. A simple schedule of maintenance, performed by a skilled and professional technician such as those at 800-CarGuru, will make sure that any faults that could lead to an inconvenient and expensive breakdown is avoided.

  • Better performance. Keeping your car regularly serviced and maintained will make sure you car is always running at peak performance, giving you the best driving experience possible.

  • Greater fuel efficiency. If your car is overdue for a Nissan Major Service, it might actually be costing you more money in fuel consumption, as parts would not have been checked and cleaned to ensure your car is running at its best.

  • Reduce pollution. Every time you use your car it will have an impact on the environment and contribute to the CO and CO2 gases released into the atmosphere. To minimize this, a well-running, well-maintained vehicle that has a regular Nissan Major Service will help to minimize the effect on the environment.

Make sure you have your car’s Nissan Major Service completed by our highly skilled team of service technicians who will look after you and your car to the highest standards possible. 

Book today and we’ll make sure that your car is in safe hands for your car’s next Nissan Major Service.

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