McLaren Minor Service

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If you care about your car and your driving experience and want to make sure that you avoid unexpected and costly bills, make sure you have a regular McLaren minor Service as soon as it becomes due. 

Our highly skilled service team at 800-CarGuru can carry out a thorough McLaren minor Service at a time to suit you that will keep your car in perfect working order, and ensure that it runs well between each major service.

A McLaren minor Service includes a comprehensive ‘health check’ of your car using the latest advanced diagnostics.

A McLaren minor Service includes the following:

  • Oil check & oil filter change

  • Transmission & brake fluid check

  • Power steering fluid check & top up

  • Coolant level check & top up

  • Battery check


  • AC filter cleaning

  • Tyre & tyre pressure check

  • Wheel alignment check

  • Brakes inspection

  • Complimentary car wash

Need to book your car for a McLaren minor Service?

Keep your car running smoothly and book your McLaren minor Service today.

So, why is a minor car service so crucial? Here are some of the many benefits:

  • Saves you money in the long run. By having your car serviced at regular intervals, you can nip any potentially more expensive issues in the bud, and deal with them before they cause too many problems.

  • Easier budgeting. If you sensibly plan your McLaren minor Service, you will be able to plan your essential car maintenance and won't have to deal with any unexpected hefty bills.

  • No surprises. Although some car emergencies cannot be predicted, there are many that can be prevented if you ensure you have your car serviced regularly, including your car’s McLaren minor Service. Not having to worry about your car’s performance or safety let’s you have complete peace of mind when driving.

  • Prolong the life of your car. Regular maintenance and generally looking after your car both inside and out means that you can enjoy your investment for longer without having to think of replacing your vehicle too soon.

  • Safety. Booking your car in for a McLaren minor Service means that your car is always as safe as possible. Whether you’re using it yourself, or it is used by a loved one, bringing your car to our service center will keep the vehicle – and those within it – entirely safe.

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